In a world outside mainstream society, anything can happen. Barter instead of cash, solar, wind and water instead of electric, 'No Trespassing' signs, homeschooling instead of Common Core, more time to be yourself, less time to lay around. But, living that thin line between utopia and dystopia means it’s the wilderness against your little Garden of Eden. And you and your family are the only thing standing between anarchy and order. 

The independent Bergan sisters who live on a 200 acre family farm and fiery only-child, Salum'mia, who divides her time between her parents and their two off-grid homes. Instead of switching through games on an iPad, they play with BB guns in the woods. Then, dressed up in vintage prom gowns and thrift-store wigs, they play “grown up” and take roles of a traditional nuclear family, feeding their baby dolls and inventing scenarios of a conventional mother. Later, instead of say, guiding a video game character through a series of jump moves, they take over the trampoline.






Lane Bergan, 12, sits on top of the mountain that overlooks her family's 200 acre off grid property.



The Bergan family off-grid farm sits on a 200 acre plot of land on Lasqueti Island.



Lane Bergan, 12, lays with her dog on top of the mountain that overlooks the 200 acre property.



Bergan's laundry line outside their off-grid house.



Lane Bergan, 12, and her sister, Mary Margaret Bergan, 15, sit on the mountain that overlooks the house they have lived on for eight years.


Old car batteries and propane tanks litter Sam and Salum'mia's property.



Neveah and Sierra Bergan stand outside their home before they go inside to get ready for bedtime.



Vida, Jane, and Cole go home after a day at the Maple Bay beach on Lasqueti Island, BC.



Salum'mia Sadie Jane, 7, stands in front of her dad's truck holding his smartphone she likes to play games on.



Salum'mia Sadie Jane, 7. Lasqueti Island 2016.



Children playing at Maple Bay beach, Lasqueti Island, 2016.





Mike holds his 5 month old at Maple Bay beach on Lasqueti Island, 2016.



Vida, 7, wiggles a loose tooth in her mouth at the beach on Lasqueti Island, British Columbia. 



Salum'mia Sadie Jane, 7, explores the shore for rocks and starfish next to the ferry landing on Lasqueti Island, 2016. 




Inside the Bergan's home.



Salum'mia picks out an outfit to wear to the community pier Marimba event later in the evening, 2016.



Salum'mia takes a nap in her tent outside her house after dinner. Salum'mia and her mother sleep outside in a tent for days when their house gets too cluttered and they need more space.  



Salum'mia Sadie Jane in front of her trampoline at her mom's house.



Salum'mia Sadie Jane, 7, rides in the back of her dad's pickup truck after a day at the beach. 



The Bergan sisters play 'dress up' outside their house. 




Sisters Lane, Neveah and Sierra Bergan sit on the stairs of their farm house with their dolls. Their families off-grid house sits on a 200-acre property getting all it's electricity through solar power and their water from their own well. 



Lane and her sisters, Neveah and Sierra Bergan play a game together on their trampoline outside their house. 


Lane Bergan, 12, stands in front of her trampoline in a hand-me-down prom dress from one of her older sisters she uses to play 'dress-up' in, 2016.



Mary Margaret, Lane, Neveah, and Sierra Bergan play with their dolls in the bathroom in their off grid house on Lasqueti Island. 





Sierra, Lane, Mary Margaret, Neveah and Cage Bergan play with their newborn rabbit litter outside their house.


Sierra Bergan rides on her older sister, Lane, in front of their house.


Neveah Bergan stands on the back of her dad's truck in their driveway.



Salum'mia sits in her dad, Sam's truck before going in for dinner at her mom's house.





Mary Margaret and her sister Sierra Bergan share a moment on the piano bench inside their home. 



A Bergan family portrait hangs on the wall of the oldest daughter's house that sits on the same land her parents also have a house on.

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