Connected Off The Grid

The New American Dreamers

Connected Off-the-Grid explores a collection of people living the new “American Dream”, a population that is plugged in and plugged out of society at the same time.

The last two generations have been striving to build bigger, better, stronger, faster but at a dangerous cost to the environment and society. At the end of the day, the dream is not always the cookie cutter house, the nine to five workday, the fancy car, and the repetition of the daily routine. A hidden number of people have decided to take a step back and reside alternatively, giving up the ideal of having the typical “McMansion” lifestyle. As this assembly of people find alternative housing they can’t help but carry a piece of technology that has made life easier to connect to their friends and family or their careers. It seems this group has found the balance between staying connected and disconnected at the right times and has learned to logoff the Wifi and put the Smartphone down to engage in real life.

The Story Institute

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